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What’s on the Market Demands? Compiling What Our Clients Most Looking for

Published on March 4, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of real estate, understanding the ever-evolving needs of our clients is paramount. At SUASA Real Estate, we’ve delved deep into market trends to compile the essentials that discerning clients are seeking. Let’s get into this!


Investment Insights: 2-3 Bedroom

3 Bedroom Leasehold Villa in Canggu

Considering an investment? Many investors are into homes with 2-3 bedrooms, perfect for individuals, couples, or small families. A good tip for property investing is to check the surroundings and location. Being close to the beach, cafes, and convenient stores can boost the property’s value. Natural views like rice fields or beachfront add extra charm. Don’t forget cool features like a rooftop for enjoying sunsets or sunrises. These homes often fetch good rent, making them a savvy choice for investors in the know.


Family Comfort: 4-5 Bedroom

5 Bedroom Leasehold Villa in Umalas

Today, families are all about homes with space to grow and tons of comfort. They’re loving 4-5 bedrooms places with cool spots for home offices and playtime. Check this out – these homes are not just comfy but also super close to fun stuff like beaches, cafes, and restaurants. Plus, imagine having a one-floor setup and a pool with a kid-friendly fence – perfect for families looking for both convenience and chill vibes. It’s the dream combo for a happy home sweet home.


Why Choose SUASA Real Estate

At SUASA Real Estate Agency, we’re not just about showcasing properties; we’re all about getting you the perfect match. Whether you’re into investing or on the hunt for a cozy family home, our wide range of options is customised just for you. With a solid history of keeping our clients happy, we’re the go-to partner for navigating the real estate scene. In a dynamic market, we’re here to make sure you don’t just follow trends but set them. Find your dream property with us, where your needs aren’t just met but exceeded – because at SUASA Real Estate, your perfect home is our mission!

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