Suasa Real Estate can assist you with an integrated offer for
the preparation, design, and construction of your property
development project.

Investment in real estate or secondary home, villa complex or residential house, or commercial ventures with a foreseen capital gain in mind, we will assist you with a professional solution that meets your expectations.We put particular care to present you a large array of services in order to accompany you through all or part of your project without straying from your goal.

We keep a high standard of demand to provide you with a bespoke quality of services, whether by our team directly or through our trusted professional network.

With more than 10 years of experience in Bali and over 40 villas delivered for our clients, our Consulting department will be glad to be your partner on your next Island project!

Architecture & Design

  • Preliminary studies (topography, ground study)
  • Project conception
  • Sketches and rendering pictures 2D / 3D
  • Development drawing plans


  • Engineering studies (MEP and structural engineering)
  • Global project coordination
  • Planning
  • Cost control
  • Project management
  • Suppliers’ quality control and coordination

Staging & Styling

  • Interior Design
  • Renovation
  • Home staging & Home styling

Other expertises

  • Legal assistance
  • Financial Return On Investment Projection
  • Communication and marketing

For more details of specific enquiries, please contact us and we will revert back to you shortly,