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Property Investing Under USD 500.000? Explore Our Top 3 Recommendations!

Published on January 15, 2024

Searching for the perfect villa that combines luxury, affordability, and a touch of individuality? Look no further! We’ve scoured the real estate market to bring you a curated list for you! In this article, we would show you a list of our top exquisite villas under $500,000 that are sure to capture your imagination.

Whether you’re drawn to family-friendly Mediterranean charm, prime locations, or lucrative investments for rental potential, these handpicked villas from Suasa Real Estate have something for everyone!


Top 1:

A Family-Friendly Mediterranean Bliss

Luxury Mediterranean villa in Bali

If you’re looking for a property that is just a mere stone’s throw away from the vibrant Seminyak and trendy Canggu, this is absolutely that! A sun-kissed haven within the international residential heart of Bali, our Umalas Villa beckons with its Mediterranean charm and custom-designed furniture, creating a sanctuary of style.

Living-space area for luxury Mediterranean villa in Bali

Boasting three bedrooms, this gem is strategically within a quick 5-minute stroll to Umalas Kids Club… where this would definitely expand your potential investment market significantly! Anticipate not only groups of young adults seeking vibrant holidays in Bali, as is often the case, but also families with children looking for longer stays to experience international academics in Bali.

Originally listed at USD 375,000, our Umalas Villa is now available at a tempting USD 360,000! Now that it is more than just a residence; it presents a compelling investment opportunity.


Top 2:

That One “Prime Location” Extravaganza

Luxury Mediterranean villa in Bali

They say location is everything, and our Berawa Villa certainly lives up to that adage! Situated in a prime location, this villa offers unparalleled convenience and accessibility, transforming it as an ideal choice for those seeking both a delightful residence and a wise investment in one of the most sought-after locales.

Living-space area for luxury Mediterranean villa in BaliComing with 3 ensuite bedrooms, this inspiring villa does not only exude the captivating charm of the Mediterranean, but also a close proximity to various hub spots for significant returns. Say Berawa Beach which is only within 6 minutes drive, charming cafes to delectable restaurants, an International school for your children’s education, vibrant shops for retail therapy, trendy beach clubs for leisure, and a fitness center for a healthy lifestyle – it’s all within your reach!

Represented as not only a place to live but also a lucrative investment opportunity, our Berawa villa is available at a tempting price of USD 350,000!


Top 3:

The Stylish Mediterranean-inspired Investment Haven

Luxury Mediterranean style villa in Bali

For those with an eye for investment opportunities, our Batu Bolong Villa is definitely a hidden gem. Strategically located in an area with high potential for growth, this villa is a smart choice for those looking to diversify their portfolio.

Dining area of a luxury Mediterranean villa in BaliDesigned with a keen focus on Mediterranean aesthetics, our Batu Bolong villa stands as a pioneer for this architectural style in the heart of Bali. With its strategic location with a mere 5 minutes drive to the ever-popular Batu Bolong beach, the villa is poised to attract tourists and investors alike, ensuring a lucrative return for those looking to capitalize on Bali’s booming real estate market.

Starting from an initial price of USD 475,000, our Batu Bolong Villa goes beyond being merely a residence but represents a highly attractive investment prospect. Whether you’re seeking a stylish residence or a savvy investment opportunity, our Batu Bolong villa offers the perfect fusion of both.

Your dream villa is just a click away! Whether you’re drawn to Mediterranean aesthetics, prime locations, or investment potential for rentals, these handpicked properties offer the perfect blend of affordability and luxury. Register your interest with us today and embark on the journey to find your perfect abode!

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