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Bear-y Exciting Arrival at Taman Safari Bali! Meet Liu and Liam, the Adorable Himalayan Black Bear Cubs

Published on November 29, 2023

In a heartwarming twist of furry fate, Taman Safari Bali has welcomed two new residents to steal your heart – Liu and Liam, the dynamic duo of Himalayan black bear cubs! The furry bundles of joy made their debut at the wildlife sanctuary, instantly becoming the stars of the show.

Rescued from an uncertain fate, Liu and Liam are now thriving in their lush new home. The staff at Taman Safari Bali spared no effort in creating a bear paradise, complete with climbing structures, refreshing pools, and an endless supply of treats to keep the cubs entertained.

Visitors are in for a treat as they witness the playful antics of Liu and Liam, whose adorable escapades have already earned them a fan following. From acrobatic climbs to synchronized splashes in the pool, these cubs are proving that conservation can be a downright cute affair.

The naming ceremony, attended by excited guests and wildlife enthusiasts, saw the cubs officially christened as Liu and Liam, adding a personal touch to their already captivating story.

So, if you’re in need of a mood boost, head over to Taman Safari Bali, where Liu and Liam are stealing the spotlight and spreading joy faster than you can say “bear hug.” It’s a feel-good story that proves, sometimes, all you need is a couple of bear cubs to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one!

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