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Bali to Reopen to International Flights

Published on October 12, 2021

As reported by CNN, the Indonesian island of Bali is to reopen and will begin welcoming arrivals from a select number of countries from October 14. International travellers from South Korea, China, Japan, the Emirates, and New Zealand will fly directly to Bali.

At present, visas are only given to foreigners deemed urgent and skilled workers, paramedics or investors. Foreigners married to Indonesians are also permitted.

Travellers must book a hotel for 5 days quarantine before arrival. Besides that, they must undergo PCR testing during quarantine before being eligible to receive a COVID-free statement letter. They pay all quarantine expenses.

These are the following additional requirements that visa applicants must meet:

1. COVID-19 vaccination verification application: This can be done here.
2. Flight itinerary
3. A statement letter: Stating compliance with Indonesian health protocols.
4. Health insurance and/or travel insurance: If the applicant does not have insurance, they must submit a statement 5. Saying all COVID-19 medical expenses while in Indonesia will be covered by the applicant.

The cost of a visa application with an agent ranges between USD 350 to 500 depending on the services provided.

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