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Revealing Bali’s Top Spenders: Who’s Splurging the Most on Tourism?

Published on June 17, 2024

The Central Statistics Agency for Indonesia has unveiled fascinating new data on the spending habits of international tourists in 2023, shedding light on an opportune moment for property investment in Bali. This insight aligns with Bali’s burgeoning status as a top travel destination for European tourists as Bali’s Top Spender, offering a strategic avenue for investors seeking lucrative returns in the property market.

European Tourists: The High Spenders

The data highlights that tourists from Europe, particularly Austria, Switzerland, and the UK, are the highest spenders in Indonesia. Austrian tourists top the list with an average expenditure of IDR 69.4 million (USD 4,274) per visit. Swiss tourists follow closely, spending IDR 67.4 million (USD 4,151), with British tourists contributing an average of USD 3,394 per visit. Italians and Norwegians also feature prominently, spending USD 3,296 and USD 3,206 respectively.

Increased Average Spending and Longer Stays

Overall, international tourists in Indonesia spent an average of USD 1,625.36 per visit in 2023, marking a significant increase from USD 1,448.01 in 2022. Notably, this figure surpasses the pre-pandemic expenditure of USD 1,145.64 in 2019. The rise in average expenditure is partly attributed to the increase in the length of stay, with tourists staying an average of 12.71 nights compared to 12.45 nights in 2022. The average nightly spend per tourist has surged to USD 127.88, a 26.45% increase from the previous year.

The Largest Expenditure

Accommodation remains the largest expenditure for tourists in Indonesia, and this trend is expected to continue as tourism leaders in Bali focus on attracting high-spending, longer-staying visitors. These tourists are often in managerial positions, have a deeper interest in cultural tourism, and are perceived to have a positive impact on the local economy while being less likely to engage in undesirable behavior.

Bali’s Popularity Among European Tourists

Bali’s allure as a premier destination for European tourists is undeniable. Recent data from a leading hotel and travel booking platform reveals that Indonesia is the second most searched-for destination in Asia by European tourists, just behind Thailand. This trend has prompted tourism leaders to advocate for more direct flights from major European cities to Bali, aiming to capitalize on the growing demand.


Bali Property Market Trends

The surge in high-spending tourists presents a golden opportunity for property investment in Bali. Investors can capitalize on the increasing demand for high-quality accommodation by developing luxury villas, resorts, and boutique hotels that cater to the preferences of affluent European tourists. With the average nightly spend on the rise, investing in premium properties promises substantial returns.

Moreover, the trend of longer stays indicates a steady demand for rental properties, providing investors with a reliable source of income. Bali’s reputation as a cultural and scenic paradise, combined with its strategic efforts to attract quality tourism, makes it an ideal location for property investment.

Investment Opportunities: Land and Villas

For those looking to invest in Bali, the current market trends offer numerous opportunities. There is a growing market for land for sale and villas for sale, with prime locations becoming increasingly desirable. Buying land in Bali or purchasing a villa to rent in Bali can be a strategic move, as the demand for villa rentals continues to rise. Whether it’s land to buy in Bali for future development or ready-to-rent villas, the investment potential is significant. At Suasa Real Estate, we serve our clients with a one-stop solution through comprehensive investment insights of property investment in Bali

Strategic Developments and Infrastructure

To support the influx of high-spending tourists, the Indonesian government and private sector are investing in infrastructure development, including better connectivity and enhanced tourism facilities. These improvements will further boost Bali’s appeal and drive property values higher.

The new spending data from the Central Statistics Agency underscores a pivotal moment for Bali’s property market. As European tourists continue to flock to the Island of the Gods, their increased spending and longer stays present a ripe opportunity for property investors. By aligning investment strategies with the evolving tourism trends, investors can tap into the lucrative potential of Bali’s property market, ensuring robust returns and contributing to the island’s sustainable tourism growth. Investing in Bali, whether through buying land in Bali or purchasing a villa, offers a pathway to capitalize on the thriving Bali property investment landscape.

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